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It’s a Whimsical Life–A QC Mini Weekend

There was a little house in a state of disrepair
That longed to be given some love and some care.

It needed a garden, the paint was flaky,
The porch posts were unstable and rather shaky.

The roof was sagging, the walls were flimsy,
Who would adopt this house of whimsy?

QC to the rescue!
We’re going to do it, how about you?

By Paula Isaacs

We’re having a Mini Weekend!  We hope you will join us!  Things are a little different than they have been in the past so please read on for details.  And mark your calendars!  September 8-10, 2023!
One significant change is that you do NOT need to register for this event.  The event is open to every QCer.

The Souvenir Project:  This is the QC version of the Whimsy House.  Liz West has created this kit for all of us!  Purchases for this kit are now closed.  For some of the details about the kit, click here.  

But, unlike previous mini weekends, there will also be a DIY version of the house.  It’s not identical.  But Laura Miller will be offering instructions and graphics for this version of the house.  Hmmm….maybe you’ll need both so you can have a whole Whimsical Neighborhood!   Here are pics of Laura’s version.

But our Mini Weekends are SO MUCH MORE than just the souvenir project!  We’ll also have:

Sales Room

We’ll have a sales room where vendors and members can offer items for sale.  This can include roundtable like kits, workshops, furnishings and accessories for the Whimsy Houses, discounts on website purchases, etc.  If you’re a vendor, and want to participate, click here for the .doc version of the instructions and here for the .pdf version of the instructions.  We also have a sample webpage here


Yep, we’re having swaps!  Signups are due by June 15 and your swaps have to be in Fern’s hands by August 1st.  Think fantasy or enchanted cottage, Dr. Seussical things, curves, etc.  Click here for the swap rules.  

ZOOM Sessions

There will be several ZOOM sessions throughout the weekend.  Some will be focused on the projects and allow for some Q&A time.  Some will be social with games and, of course, prizes!  The schedule will be announced later and the links for the sessions will be available through the groups.io group.

Tutorials/Free Projects

You betcha!


In addition to the prizes you can win during the zoom sessions, we will have a non-gambling style raffle for some pretty stupendous prizes!  And we’ll have some of our daily prizes and drawings through the website.  Watch for details during the Mini Weekend.  


We are having an auction and we’re full up on auction donations!  What if you REALLY REALLY WANT to donate?  Read on!  

Want to Donate?  

We will welcome prizes for the non-gambling style raffles that are valued at or around $50 and will welcome smaller value prizes for our zoom sessions and other game prizes.  Interested in donating?  Please email us at quarterconnection@gmail.com.   NOTE:  This email address will be monitored sporadically during the 2nd half of May so please be patient!

More Inspiration for you from our Talented ATeam Members! 

Whimsy the miniaturist was lonely and blue,

She was so sad, she didn’t know what to do.

Then she thought of the friends she had made on QC,

and she said “That is the answer, a weekend Party.”

I will invite them all to my house for a stay,

where we will have fun and make miniatures all day.

Laura Miller