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2024 Workshop Contest

A Very Special Contest


Debbie Young is going to do a workshop on QC later this year and has made it extra fun.   

For the first part, our members posted photos of the structures they would like to make in miniatures.  We had well over 100 entries submitted. 

QC members then voted on their favorites and we had 4 winners (the 3rd and 4th place entries were tied). Debbie took the winning top 4 choices and chose one of these for her workshop. 

It was a really tough choice as all 4 houses would make a great workshop, but the winner was “Sweet Rose”. The person who submitted this photo will receive a special prize – the kit of the house that was selected.   

You can see the winning entry  and also the winner by visiting the contest photo album on the QC group.

Thank you all for participating.