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Roundtable Info

Please check our calendar page to see when the next roundtable kits will be offered for sale and to see when applications are due.

Some of our previously offered RTs are shown here!

What’s a Roundtable? These are small quarter scale kits that have a maximum price tag (for QC, that’s $7.50) and take less than a half hour to make. What’s a MEGA Roundtable? For these the price tag is increased (for QC, that’s a $15.00 limit) and the kit can take up to two hours to complete.

Interested in offering a roundtable kit for sale on QC? Check the calendar page for information on application due dates and offering dates.  Please contact our roundtable chair, Kristie Dubord, for more information.

Or download the applications here:

RT application in .doc format
RT application in .pdf format
Mega RT application in .doc format
Mega RT application in .pdf format

Quarter Connection roundtable kits are presented as a service to the QC membership.   They are not pre-evaluated in any way prior to presentation on this website.  QC responsibility is for advertising only.  Roundtable kit purchases are a business transaction between the member purchasing the kits and the vendor selling the kits.  QC bears no financial responsibility for any issues that may arise.  In the unlikely event that a member has a problem with a kit, please notify the QC team.