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The Quarter Connection is all about the world of Quarter Scale Dollhouse Miniatures and the people who enjoy creating and collecting them.  

We are an online group bound together through the internet compliments of Groups.io.  

Our group was started by Sally Dohrman in 1999. Her vision was to have a place for dollhouse miniaturists to share their love of quarter scale dollhouse miniatures with like minded others.  Luci Hanson took over leadership of the group in 2002 and brought us many years of workshops, conventions, roundtables, projects and other quarter scale activities.  Since 2012, QC has been led by Janet Smith and the QC leadership team. 

Today, we are several hundred members worldwide enjoying  quarter scale activities online. Check out our schedule of activities on the calendar page. If you are a quarter scale Dollhouse Miniaturist you will surely find QC a fun and educational place to be. 

Thank you for visiting us and come back soon!

Join our Groups.io Online here:  https://quarterconnection.groups.io/g/main

Other Useful Links: 
NAME:  https://miniatures.org/
IGMA:  https://igma.org/