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Silver Jubilee Weekend


QC is 25 Years Old! 

Join us for a

Special Weekend Celebration

September 13-15, 2024

Here are some of the special activities coming your way!

Sales Room

We’ll have a sales room where vendors and members can offer items for sale.  This can include roundtable like kits, workshops, furnishings and accessories, discounts on website purchases, etc.  Instructions on how to participate and the deadlines, etc. can be downloaded here.


We’ll have a swap and it’s going to be a special swap.  Lots of accessories!  And everyone will send in two sets, so you get even more back!  Instructions on how to participate and the deadlines, etc. can be downloaded here.

ZOOM Sessions

There will be several ZOOM sessions throughout the weekend.  Some will be focused on the projects and allow for some Q&A time.  Some will be social with games and, of course, prizes!  The schedule will be announced later and the links for the sessions will be available through the groups.io group.


In addition to the prizes you can win during the zoom sessions, we will have some games and other drawings through the website.  We’ve got some very special prizes that you won’t want to miss! Watch for details during the Mini Weekend.  

Want to Donate?

Interested in donating?  Please email us at quarterconnection@gmail.com.   

And what’s a mini weekend without a souvenir? 

The Souvenir Project this year is a set of bookends….or maybe a house?  It’s up to you!  The kit for the sample shown above will be available from Liz West, starting June 1.   Unfortunately, registrations are now closed.

We are also planning a DIY book project from Laura Miller which can be used with the souvenir from Liz, or be its own stand alone project.  Hmmm….maybe you’ll need to make both!  

Book Border