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Free Project – 2-Sided Scene

Let's Create a 2-Sided Scene!

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Our first quarter of 2024 focused on “beginnings”, while our second quarter is about celebrating Quarter Connection’s 25th birthday. This quarter we want to spark your imagination to create a 2-sided scene.

Start by choosing a container. Our examples show 2-sided scenes in a dome, and another in a cube, but some other suggestions are glass jars (like mason jars) or lanterns.  You don’t even have to have a container at all, though we think that’s part of the fun.

Let your imagination run wild. We all celebrate, or want to commemorate, more than just birthdays. You may create whatever 2 sided scene you like. Some ideas of celebrations or milestones to get you started include.

For example:
  • For a special person in your life, make a baby’s room on one side and have a graduation or wedding celebration on the other side.
  • Each side can show the hobbies of a special couple ( husband and wife, mother and child, two sisters, etc.).
  • You could show the same room in the same house from two different time periods .
  • With a front door on one side and back door on the other side, that would create two outdoor scenes. Maybe you’ll have a BBQ out back.
  • Or celebrate your favorite holiday with porch decorations on one side and interior decorations on the other.

The possibilities are endless, and crafting these little vignettes is addicting!

Instructions and graphics are in the “2024 Q2 Two-sided Free Project” folder in the “files” section on our groups.io group.

And after your scene is complete, please share photos on our groups.io group in the photo album created for this project.  We’d like to see both sides, of course.

Domes are available on Amazon, Hobby Lobby and at various Dollar Stores. Square containers can be bought from those same retailers and from Joann’s, Michaels or The Container Store (search acrylic box or AMAC box).  A list of links to containers used in the samples can be found in the “2024 Q2 Two-sided Free Project” folder as well.