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The calendar on this page reflects the current thinking of your QC team.  All dates/events subject to change!

September 1, 2022NAME Day Swaps due to Fern (not in the mail, but in her hands)
September 1-10, 2022 Workshop Registration Open: Ruth Stewart is our workshop presenter for September. Watch the groups.io group for announcements when registration is open!
September 24, 2022Special ZOOM Session with Liz West who will show us how to light a two story quarter scale house including suggestions on where to run wires and how best to hide them.
September 30, 2022Month of NOT Challenge Entries Due
October 1, 2022Final Four Seasons Project Available--"Spring Forward/Fall Back"
Swap and Challenges Announced
October 7th, noon Eastern to October 10th, 10 p.m. EasternNAME Day Auction--Open to all QCers
October 8-9, 2022NAME Day Weekend
October 20, 2022Submissions due for Special November "Thankful for Minis" Shopping Event (NOTE: This will take the place of the November RTs and the December Mini Workshops)
November 10-22, 2022Pre-Holiday Shopping Opportunity "Thankful for Minis!" Watch the digest for more information.
December 3, 2022Special ZOOM Session with Charrita Teague who will talk about flower making. There's something special coming for this session...so watch for more info!
December 20, 2022Spring Forward/Fall Back Swaps must be RECEIVED
December 31, 2022Mini Resolutions 2022 Challenge Entries Due
First Quarter of 2023Our focus this quarter is on landscaping.
January 31, 2023Spring Forward/Fall Back Challenge Entries Due
February 15, 2023RT application for March are due. While you are encouraged to support the landscaping theme, any RTs and Mega RTs are acceptable!
March 1-7, 2023Roundtable and Mega Roundtable Kits available for purchase.
Second Quarter of 2023Our focus this quarter is on unusual containers for minis.
Third Quarter of 2023Our focus this quarter will be on our Mini Weekend project! Watch the groups.io group for more details as they become available.