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The calendar on this page reflects the current thinking of your QC team.  All dates/events subject to change!

2nd Quarter 2024Our theme for the second quarter of 2024 will be "It's Our Birthday!"
April 30"Your Oldest UFO" Challenge entries due
May 15-22A new workshop from Ruth Stewart!
May 15Roundtable and Mega Roundtable Applications for June are Due
May 25A Spring "It's Our Birthday" FREE project is available.
June 1-15Registrations open for our Silver Jubilee Weekend, Souvenir Bookends Project Silver Jubilee Workshop
June 1-7Roundtable and Mega Roundtable sales event.
3rd Quarter 2024Our theme for the third quarter of 2024 will be "25th Celebration!"
July 20Deadline to sign up for our Silver Jubilee "Double Accessory" Swap. Don't miss it!
September 13-15Our Silver Jubilee Mini Weekend! Join us for projects, games, challenges, sales tables, and more!