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It’s a Whimsical Life–Souvenir Project

It’s a Whimsical Life–Souvenir Project

offered by Liz West (liz@taffyandme.com)


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Workshop Description:

Who lives in a whimsical house? Think of Dr. Suess, Fairytales, Woodland Folk or even the North Pole.

There are laser cut and scored “trees” holding up the porch roof, the second floor and even the fireplace is a tree. The whimsically shaped windows and frames all add to the look of the house. The roof pieces are  laser cut so they bend around the wall shapes and come with cardstock ceilings to make them nice and neat inside.

Note: the base, shingles, graphics, lighting and landscaping are not included with the kit, however a selection of wallpapers, roof and floor papers will be available for download by our QC members on our groups.io group.

Finished Size of the Project: 12” long x 9” deep x 9” high

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Tools and Supplies: Normal toolkit plus superglue for the bendable wood roofs. You need to supply a base, shingles (if desired) and landscaping.