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Oldest UFO Challenge

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Your Oldest UFO Challenge 

How many years have you been doing quarter inch scale minis? Do you have a project lurking around somewhere in a closet or storage bin that has been waiting for you to get around to it? There are some miniaturists who buy projects and in a fairly short amount of time actually finish them. Some of you may have projects no older than 1 year waiting for you. I wish I was one of them. For me, there are always new ideas and projects coming along and some that fall by the wayside. You are on the honor system on your submission being the absolute oldest you have, but we think seeing older kits and projects put together will be part of the fun. It sure has changed over 25 years.

The rules are: 

  • Find and complete the oldest quarter inch scale unfinished project in your stash and share a photo or two with us.
  • Just like what is required for OMB, your completed project has to be more than a roundtable or single piece of furniture. If you aren’t sure what we mean by that, please refer to the OMB rules.
  • This project must be one not previously completed.
  • Post pictures in the Oldest UFO Challenge photo album by April 30, 2024. And yes, your creation will qualify for OMB. Just post it in the appropriate month’s OMB folder.