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Spring Forward-Fall Back Free Project

It’s almost time to re-set the clocks and it’s time for a new free project and challenge and swap, too.    It’s also time to start our first quarterly theme – FLOWERS!

The free project is a shed that you can use a number of ways.  

If you want to spring forward and plan your gardens for next year, it can be a potting shed for flowers and other plants.   Or, you can fall back a bit and open your own roadside stand full of plants, produce, canned goods, pies, whatever you choose.

You can do one or both or make the shed something totally different.   Whatever you decide, be sure to enter the Spring Forward/Fall Back Challenge!

The instructions and graphics for the QC Shed are in our groups.io files.   There’s also a folder with flower tutorials from previous projects.   Just look for the 2022 Spring Forward/Fall Back folder.

Have fun and don’t forget to re-set your clocks before you go to bed November 5.   It’s easy to remember how, just think