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Workshop Open for Registration

A Frame Retreat offered by Liz West

Of Taffy and Me Creations

Registration open:  September 1st through September 7th

A-Frame Retreat with the Roof Closed
A-Frame Retreat with the Roof Open

Ordering Instructions: Click here to email Liz to order

Workshop Description:  Need a place to get away to, this is a great solution. I have done mine as a mountain retreat, but you might like it near a lake or stream or even on an island.  With a loft bed area cannot interfere with your relaxing time, you can direct them to a hotel down the road.   The roof is hinged with Tyvek to allow both furnishing and viewing and comes with brown cardstock shaker shingles, but they can be painted any colour you want.  

With two fireplaces, one downstairs and one in the loft, it is a cozy place to be.  If you want “working” fireplaces, you can buy fireplace kits or use a single blinking LED to light them.   The battery pack can be hidden away underneath.

All furniture kits are available but not included, ask and I will send you a pdf with information.

All cut outs including the large viewing ones will have 1/32nd acrylic to be framed and installed in those openings.

Finished Size of the Project:  base 8 ½ x 11 – floor 5 x 8 ¾ –  retreat 8 high

Skill Level:  all levels

Tools and Supplies:  laser cut slots in the floor allows for each construction so mainly paint, stain, glue and drying time

Total Kits Available:  20

Kit Cost:  $105.00

Shipping (US):  $20.00

Shipping (Canada):  $20.00

Shipping (Rest of World): Actual cost

Shipping Exceptions:  I am sorry I cannot ship to the UK now due to the VAT regulations but I do have an etsy site and will list it there for anyone wanting to order, please email me to arrange.

Payment Types Accepted: Paypal is preferred but I do accept cheques from Canada and US.