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Workshop May 2024

QC Silver Jubilee Cake House

offered by Ruth Stewart


Ordering Instructions: You can order directly from the website at:  https://stewartdollhousecreations.com/QCCH

Workshop Description: This is a QC celebration! Learn how to make a cake with an internal wood structure and an external decorated cake. This is a party indeed, complete with 1:48 3D printed balloons, plants and a tiny dollhouse for the inside. Frosting, clay, wallpapers, floors and ceiling papers are all included. There is a special commemorative vase that says “Quarter Connection 1999-2024” and a set of mylar balloons saying “25”. The wrapped box that is the base is super easy to make using our brand new pre-cut sticker wrapping paper! Your kit will also come with a complete lighting kit to light the tiny dollhouse inside. Detailed, color directions will come with your kit as well. 

Finished Size of the Project: 2 1/4”x 2 1/4”x 4″ to the top of the balloons which height can vary a little. 
Skill Level: Beginner
Tools and Supplies: Tweezers, Tacky glue, Loctite Glue, toaster or kitchen oven (to bake clay), craft clay machine (to roll out clay) paints, paint brushes & wire cutters.

Total Kits Available: unlimited
Kit Cost: $85 (regular cost $125.00)
Shipping (US): $6.00
Shipping (Canada): $16.00
Shipping (Rest of World): $19.00

Payment Types Accepted: MO, check, AmEx, Visa, Disc, MC, Paypal, Venmo

Please email me if you are mailing a check so I can keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

Quarter Connection workshop kits are presented as a service to the QC membership.   They are not pre-evaluated in any way prior to presentation on this website.  QC responsibility is for advertising only.  Workshop kit purchases are a business transaction between the member purchasing the kits and the vendor selling the kits.  QC bears no financial responsibility for any issues that may arise.  In the unlikely event that a member has a problem with a kit, please notify the QC team