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Unusual Containers-Challenge

Unusual Container Challenge

The QC Theme for this quarter is Unusual Containers.

Can you guess the theme for the Challenge?

You guessed right!   To enter the challenge, you need to create a scene in an unusual container.

What’s an unusual container?   You know all those house kits and shop kits and things like that you have in your stash?   Well, for this challenge, they can stay in your stash.

You’ve seen the great free project created by Laura Miller.   The candy box is definitely an unusual container.   What else?   Think about a teapot, a watering can, a goldfish bowl, antique tins, cheese boxes, a laundry detergent container, cookie cutters, shoes, teacups and even scrubby holders … you get the idea.  

The rules are easy.

  1. Your challenge entry needs to be a quarter inch scale project you created for this challenge, not something from your collection.  
  2. Post a picture or two of your creation in the 2023 Unusual Container Challenge photo album on our groups.io site by July 31, 2023 (PLEASE NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE). If you want to keep us apprised of your project, post some “in progress” photos on QC (not in the challenge photo album).
  3. Be sure that your pictures identify you as the creator.

Prizes?   Of course!   

Stuck for ideas?  Join us in making a house from a Ferrero Rocher Easter Bunny candy box.  More info here!

(Thanks to Laura Miller for sharing her teacup and boot scenes as examples.)