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The Great Landscaping Giveaway Challenge

The Great Landscape Giveaway
Join us this quarter in all things landscape. As part of our landscape theme, we’re asking QC members to
provide a tip or technique they use when landscaping minis.
We’ll have a zoom session on February 4, 2023. During this session we’ll draw two names. Each of these
winners will receive a beautiful, completed landscape scene created by Michelle Miller!

Everyone’s welcome to check out the tips and techniques and join the zoom session. However, to participate in the drawing, you have to add a landscaping tip or technique to a database with your name, a brief how-to and/or a photo. It’s that simple. There are directions at the start of the database. (Many of us used to do a database for OMB each month.) Just go to our groups.io site, click Databases in the left column, then click on the 2023 Great Landscaping Giveaway.

If the 1st name drawn isn’t present, the 2nd name drawn gets to choose. If neither is present, the QC folks doing the drawing will use a creative method to decide which winner gets which prize (that means they’ll probably do another drawing or flip a coin). So, it’s great if you can be in the zoom session, but it’s not necessary to win. We know real life sometimes gets in the way.

For those of you who have a technique and would like to demonstrate it during zoom, please click “yes” in the database. Or, you can just show a project during the zoom session and answer questions. We want our QC members to have a chance to share with each other just like we would at a live mini meeting. 

There may be a foot of snow on the ground or cold, gray and dreary where you are. Come imagine beautiful landscapes and gardens with us. Remember, all you have to do to be included in the random drawing is share a landscape tip or technique with your fellow QCers. Tips and techniques need to be posted no later than February 2.