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Thankful for Minis Sale

QC is having a special sales opportunity in November for both vendors and members.  

When?   November 10-22.  Beat the holiday rush and enjoy some mini shopping before Thanksgiving. 
This event is replacing the mini mart we sometimes had in December.  

Who can sell?  Vendors can sell if they want (a great way to offer some specials to QCers) and members can sell (maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of designing a roundtable kit…you can try it out here or maybe you’re downsizing and have kits to sell…you can list them here.) 

Who can buy?  All QC members can buy, but our site is on the world wide web so anyone who finds the pages can buy…but we expect it’ll be mostly QC members.

What does it cost?  NOTHING.

But I don’t know how to make a webpage?  No worries…we do that for you!  You just send us the info you want included.  

Hmmm….what will the pages look like and what can I sell?  

We’ve got lots of options for you.  If you’re a vendor, you might want to do something as easy as post a link to your website with a discount coupon for people to use during the sale (here’s a sample of a page with a website and discount coupon).  

Or get a little fancier and design your own ad, send it to us as a .jpg file, and we’ll post it (here’s a sample of a page with an ad).

Or for those who make one of a kind items or for those who might be downsizing from their own collection or those who want to offer a few items just for this sale, you can offer up to six different items.  If you sell one, you can send another to replace it.  (here’s a sample of a page with some special items and here’s a sample of a page with a website special AND a few special items.)

Hey, I’m in.  What do I do now?  Send an email to Janet Smith (desertminis@gmail.com) AND Laura Miller (minisnmore@yahoo.com) and we’ll save you a spot!  

Then what?   Then, figure out what you want to sell and what kind of page you want and send us the details!  We need everything in hand by October 20th (’cause Janet can’t sit at the computer all day every day doing this…so give her some time to pull it all together.)  Here are the instructions for all that in .pdf format (the pics are a little fuzzy…sorry…but you can go to the webpages themselves linked above if you need to).