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Thankful for Minis Sale: Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson.  ejmary@charter.net

Payment by Check or Paypal (Friends and Family). Kits shipped on receipt of payment. Email questions or for more photos.

SOLD:  “Welcome Neighbor” Porch kit, (spring version) unopened perfect kit with lighting included. 2019 Pittsburgh Houseparty TNP. $ 35.00 + 7.00 shipping.

SOLD:  Gypsy Wagon- BJ Minis MIB 95.00 + shipping.

Noah’s Ark kit by Pam Junk.  Purchased on secondary marked, but believe kit is complete, including 6 pr animals.  (All parts contained in lg. plastic bag & box.)  One small bend to artboard doorway piece, will be wallpapered or painted.  95.00 plus shipping. 

SOLD:  Jill Castoral “Make it your own” cottage kit, with instructions & suggestions for customizing. (Examples shown of possible finishes. Basic structure only, accessories were not included.) Also, see video on “create.miniatures.org” showing how this kit was used for Sleepy Hollow Centerpiece.) Choice of Winter or Tudor. $48.00 Each plus 7.00 shipping.

Sale Pending:  Rivendell Cottage- BJ Minis MIB  115.00   (Furnishings not included.) 

2015 Barn with silo, windmill & storage shed. Assembled but not completed. (Can be restaurant, barn or antique shop.) All parts included to finish silo. $125.00 + shipping.