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Swap in the Round

To go with our Challenge in the Round and our Free Project in the Round, we’re having a 

SWAP in the ROUND!

What does that mean?  You can swap anything round!  Think of things like:   a round footstool, a round coffee table, a flower arrangement in a round pot, a round plate of round cookies, a round rug, a round light fixture, a round pot of stew, a round cutting board, a round loaf of bread…or even a miniature Pringles can!  

Like our other QC swaps, you’ll send 11 items and get 10 back.  the 11th item will go to Denise and all the swaps will be used in a future auction. 

You in?  This is what you do: 

  1.  Contact Fern Rouleau (fernr@cox.net) and Janet Smith (desertminis@gmail.com)to let us know you’re interested.  
  2. Janet will send a paypal invoice to cover the shipping ($8.50 per person regardless of where you live.)
  3. Work on your swaps! 
  4. Ship them to Fern to arrive by April 30th (not postmarked by April 30th, but in Fern’s hands by April 30th!)  


(Here are all the rules and dates and stuff you need to know for the swap:  2022_03_QCRoundSwapRules )