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Spring Forward – Fall Back Swap

We’re having a swap to go along with our Spring Forward-Fall Back Free Projects.  What a great way to fill up your shed/market stall!   Please review the rules closely, as things are a bit different with this swap. Click here for the rules.  

What’s the biggest change?  This is a two-fer swap….you’ll be sending TWO different items for each swapper.    Why did we do this?  Well, our theme for the quarter is flowers…so we knew we wanted to do a flower swap.  But then we thought, “Well, veggies would be nice.”  And then we thought, “Jellies or Jams would be nice.”  And then we thought…..well, you get the drift.   

So, after all those thoughts, the theme for this swap is anything for a Farmers Roadside Stand. Picture an open stand you drive by which has lots of neat flowers, crafts, baskets of fruits and veggies, baked goods and more. This swap can include any type of FLOWERS ( in containers, pots, cut flowers), FRUITS or VEGGIES (in barrels, boxes, baked pies, etc), or anything else you can find in roadside stand. These can also include crafts, quilts or baked goods. So, you can make a flower in a pot and a bag of fruit for each person, or two flower items or a container of fruits and a craft item for each person.

So, by sending in two different items for each person, each swapper is all the more likely to be able to fill their market stand to the brim!  

Want to join in?  You have to sign up by November 10th.   How do you sign up?  Just email Fern at fernr27@outlook.com.