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Name:  Cool Mini Thing
Description:  This is a hand painted cool mini thing that I’m offering for sale.  It’s 3D printed or laser cut or whatever….all this is up to you!
Price:  $12
Shipping:  $5 US, $15 Canada, $20 everywhere else
Payments Accepted:  Paypal only

Name:  A Completely Different Cool Mini Thing
Description:  Downsizing.  Purchased for $15.  Selling for $10 plus $5 Shipping in the US.   
Payments Accepted:  Paypal only
Email me if interested!

You can offer up to six things at a time.  If you sell one, you can submit a new one to replace it!  What you say about each item is up to you and how you say it is up to you.  You’ll send me a picture or two of each item and whatever text you want to include.