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QC Mini Mart

Come One, Come All to our December Mini Mart! 

Individual QC Members and Vendors are invited to sell items on the QC website from Dec 15 – Dec 30. 

This holiday season, Quarter Connection is bringing back the old-style MINI MART.  The focus will be on you, the member, to provide you with an opportunity to make some money from your unwanted quarter inch scale miniatures.  (Sorry, I know we ALL have unwanted one inch scale stuff but this IS Quarter Connection after all.)

Last but certainly not least, all of our established vendors are invited to participate in this Mini Mart, too.  You can submit individual items for sale, or send a flyer with your website information and any special promotions you would like to include, and we’ll create a mini mart page for you.

Do you have quarter inch scale finished items that you know you won’t need?  Or QS kits that you’ve lost interest in starting (or completing)?  How about leftover QS roundtable kits that you sold previously?  Any tools that you don’t need any more (or are afraid to use)?  If you’re interested in cleaning out your unwanted items, then we want to match you up with people who can use them.

Click here for more information on how to participate as a vendor/seller.  Click here for the fillable .pdf to submit information about your items to sell.  All items must be submitted by December 5th!  

For you buyers, you might want to check back here to get a preview of which vendors may be participating!