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NAME Day 2022

NAME Day is coming again in 2022!
October 8-9!

Registration is now closed for this event. 

NAME Day Pins will not be included.  Info for ordering pins will be posted here when available.  

This year’s project is a little different.  First off…it’s not quarter scale!  It’s a display box and can be used to display any scale miniature collection that you want to display.  Secondly, while we’re including some optional graphics this year that you can download and print, you may prefer to pick up some scrapbooking paper to use for the background (1 -2 sheets of 12″x12″ paper) and to cover the structure (2 sheets of 12″ x 12″ paper).  Printed graphics won’t have the bling factor that scrapbook paper with a metallic look will give.  

So what are we doing that’s different?  We’re using some of our auction proceeds to discount the kits offered.   Our own Liz West is offering, not just the structure, but the lighting kit as well as several display tables that will come in handy, particularly if you want to include smaller items (e.g. quarter scale items) in the box.  

While you do need to be a member of NAME AND a member of QC in order to get the display box itself, the rest of the weekend activities will be open to all QC-ers, including our auction (that benefits NAME), the swap and our zoom sessions with games and prizes!


This is the basic display box. Special QC Price: $22 Acrylic Sheet for Front/Special QC Price: $7
Lighting Kit, Designed to fit in the holes on the top of the display box. QC Price: $10
Set of four acrylic display tables (items not included.) QC Price: $9
Set of five wooden display tables. QC Price: $9

Please read all the “fine print” below before you register.  Then click the link at the bottom to sign up!  

1.  Cost for the kits this year are shown above.  IN ADDITION, shipping for the display box is $20, regardless of where you reside, and covers shipping for any add-ons.  You cannot purchase the addons through QC directly without the display box.   

2.  UK residents CAN SIGN UP…you’ll buy the kits through Etsy, though, so you will have to pay the dreaded VAT tax.  Register per usual and you’ll get a link and instructions from Liz to purchase through Etsy.

3.  You may order only 1 (ONE) display case per person this year.  This is because we are offering discount for QC members and this is the only way to confirm that only QC-ers are eligible for the discount.

4.  The swap is open to all QCers whether or not you are a NAME member and whether or not you sign up for our NAME Day event.  Click here for the rules and instructions for the swap.   Swappers will be invoiced for $5 through paypal to offset some of the shipping costs.  You can sign up for the swaps by sending an email to team@quarterconnection.com.  Please include your mailing address and phone number (required for international shipments.)  

5.  Kits will be shipped by Liz West from Canada.  Shipping will start the week of September 4th.  

6.  As has been true for the last few years, we will NOT be providing NAME Day pins.  You are on own to order those, but we will post the order form here when it becomes available. 

7.  Proceeds from our NAME Day auction will be donated to NAME.