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NAME Day 2021 OLD

NAME Day is coming again in 2021!
October 9-10!

(Registration is now closed, but you can still join in for the weekend events.)

NAME Day Pins are now available.  Click here for the form to order 1-9 pins.  Click here for the form to order 10 or more pins (so gather your friends together and get a discount!)  

This year’s project is the Tiki Bar.  Set up your bar to provide “adult beverages” or cool summer fun drinks.  Use it in a backyard for a party or set it on a beach in a tropical touristy destination.  The options here are endless!  

Per usual, we’ve QC-ized it.  It’ll come with everything you see; front bar, back bar, base, roof, cooler and a counter top grill, so you can really make this your own.  The graphics will be available for printing and, as in years past, you’ll need to do your own printing to keep costs down (both for the kit and for shipping.)   We’ve also got some free projects planned.  

While you do need to be a member of NAME AND a member of QC in order to get the tiki bar kit itself, the rest of the weekend activities will be open to all QC-ers.  We’ll have an auction and some chats (with prizes) and we have a swap planned.   


This the roof and roofing material you'll receive as well as a pic of the cooler and grill, both included.

Please read all the “fine print” below before you register.  Then click the link at the bottom to sign up!  

1.  Cost for the kits this year is $33 (US Dollars), including shipping.   This applies even to our overseas members.  

2.  UK residents CAN SIGN UP…you’ll buy the kits through Etsy, though, so you will have to pay the dreaded VAT tax.  Register per usual and you’ll get a link and instructions to purchase through Etsy.

3.  You may order up to TWO (2) kits per person this year (this is a change from previous years).

4.  The swap is open to all QCers whether or not you are a NAME member and whether or not you sign up for our NAME Day event.  Click here for the rules.   You can sign up for the swaps when you register for NAME day, or you can sign up later by sending an email to team@quarterconnection.com.

5.  Kits will be shipped by Liz West from Canada (with the exception of the UK kits which will ship from Janet Smith.)

6.  As has been true for the last few years, we will NOT be providing NAME Day pins.  You are on own to order those, but we will post the order form here when it becomes available. 

7.  Proceeds from our NAME Day event, including the NAME Day auction, will be donated to NAME.