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Month Of NOT: What it is NOT

July is the Month of NOT on QC and We’re NOT Kidding!

It’s NOT December and we’re having NOT Christmas in July.   But we do have a NOT Advent Calendar, with lots of  NOT Christmas tutorials and ideas.   The idea is that you do NOT have to buy anything new!  There’s a special page set up and new things will be added many days in July (NOT every day), so you’ll want to check back frequently.  Click here to find that page.

That’s NOT enough!  We have a Free Project, too.  Think back to March, when we suggested you to start looking for cardboard books.   That was NOT a joke.  It’s time to put them to use.   And you’re NOT limited to one title, there’s an assortment of titles and covers to choose from – or use your own!     The graphics and a tutorial to get you started are in the QC groups.io files, just look for the 2022 Month of NOT folder.   

There are two step by step tutorials for making a Brambly Hedge Book, one version with lighting  and one NOT with lighting.  

That’s NOT the end of the Month of NOT.

We’re having a NOT Challenge too.   What’s a NOT Challenge?   It’s NOT different than our regular challenges.   This time you create a scene in a book.   There are a few rules, as usual, but they’re NOT hard to follow.    Click here to find the Month of NOT Challenge page.   

Even though the Advent-style tutorials are NOT part of the NOT Challenge, we hope you’ll include some of them in your challenge project and mention them in the description of your entry.    Even if you don’t join the challenge, please share pictures of your finished tutorials.