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Month of NOT: NOT An Advent Calendar

Welcome to the Month Of NOT’s NOT an Advent Calendar.   Our goal here to is gift you with some presents of tutorials and graphics, that do NOT require you to shop for supplies.  We suspect you have everything you need in your stash.  While this will be updated almost every day in July, it will NOT be updated every day (your website administrator has a little trip planned and she’s NOT taking her computer!)  So check back often.

(Just so you know…while we’re doing daily Month of NOT activities here on QC, NAME’s Create site has daily activities as part of Camp Make-A-Mini.  You might want to head over there to check them out too!  Click here. )

July 1st

From Toilet Paper Roll to a Tree.  Click here for the tutorial. 

July 2nd

From a dowel and cardboard to a cookie jar and cookies.  Click here for the tutorial.

July 3rd

July 4th

July 5th

July 6th

July 7th

July 8th

July 9th

July 10th

July 11th

July 12th

July 13th

July 14th

July 15th

July 16th

July 17th

July 18th

July 19th

July 20th

July 21st

July 22nd

July 23rd

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July 30th

July 31st