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Month of NOT: Challenge


1. Create a scene in a book. It can be a cardboard book, a book you’ve made yourself, or any book that works.
2. Your challenge entry needs to be something you created for this challenge, not something from your collection.
3. Post a picture or two of your creation in the 2022 Month of Not Challenge photo album on our groups.io site by October 1. If you want to keep us apprised of your project, post some “in progress” photos on QC (NOT in the challenge photo album).
4. Be sure that your pictures identify you as the creator.
While the NOT Christmas tutorials are NOT part of the NOT Challenge, we sure hope you’ll include some of them in your challenge project and mention them in the description of your entry.

Prizes? Of course! And there’s a special prize this time. Julie Stevens gifted us with one of her adorable dolls! Meet Jonah. If you’ve ever been around little boys, you know how they say no and NOT, so Jonah’s the perfect doll for the Month of NOT Challenge. Thanks Julie!