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Mini Resolutions 2022

Mini Resolutions have nothing to do with things like losing weight and exercising! They’re much more fun.

The first part of the challenge is making a resolution. Have you ever said “one of these days I’m going to …?” This is your year to do it!

If your goal is to finish a bunch of UFOs or small projects, join OMB and make a resolution to complete the entire year. Do you need to tunnel your way into your work space and organize it? How about starting, finishing and landscaping that big new house or shop kit? What about learning and using a new technique? These are just ideas. I suspect you have a “one of these days” list.

Take a picture of what you’re going for. That’s easy if your resolution is something that has an obvious beginning and end. If that’s not the case, use your imagination.

There’s a data base to sign up for the challenge.  Click on the green “ADD ROW” button and fill in the blanks with your name, etc.

There’s a photo album.  Just add a picture of your mini resolution.

When you’ve met your goal, complete your row in the data base and add a final picture to the album.

Be sure that you’re in both the data base and the photo album!

The challenge is limited to no more than two resolutions per person.

The challenge will end December 31, 2022.

Prizes? Of course.