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It’s a Whimsical Life–The Whimsy House

Once upon a time…there was this picture of a house…

One of our members put together a prototype of this house. 

Several members of QC’s A-Team saw it and loved it. 

We decided to see if we could make a Mini Weekend out of it. 

Liz started designing a laser cut kit for the house.  Laura knew that some of our members liked to build from scratch.. 

So Liz cut a kit.  And Laura built a house.  

We weren’t sure what to call it.  It could be Suess-inspired, it could be a fairy tale house, it could be a woodland scene.  But we felt that all of those themes could be summed up in one word.  Whimsy.

Welcome to our Whimsical Life!

Liz’s version is shown above.  Laura’s version is shown below.