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It’s a Whimsical Life–T2T Entries

These are the T2T entries from our members!  Enjoy!  

From Janeen Brazier:  “A Tree Standing Lone” from a Q-tip and a paperclip.   

From Lesia Lennex:  She decorated these cakes with confetti.

From Denise DeCost: 

Shrub with confetti “flowers”   Trunk is painted air dry clay, and greenery has confetti glued to it

From Lesia Lennex:  These cakes used Rainbow Confetti as decorations.

From Jackie Browder: 

Q-Tip: Roll the tip of a Q-Tip in liquid glue. Roll the glue covered Q-Tip in loose grass. Let dry, and shake off loose grass. Use wire cutters to cut off Q-Tip near the base. You now have a small bush, topiary that can be added to a pot, or a tabletop Christmas tree.

From Jackie Browder:  

Staples: Get two unused staples from a stapler, and glue flat on a small piece of black mat board, forming a square shape with the two staples. Trim on the outside of the two staples with a craft knife. Add writing or cartoon drawings with a white gel pen. You now have a chalkboard for your school room, kid’s room, or craft room. You could also use the matboard backed staples as a frame for a picture or mirror. 

From Jackie Browder:  

Dental Floss: Whittle down the tip of a toothpick, and cut about a quarter of an inch long. Cut a tiny snippet of dental floss, fold to double it, and fluff to separate the strands. Glue dental floss to bigger end of the toothpick. Paint the toothpick orange, and the dental floss green to have a tasty carrot fresh from your garden.

From Jackie Browder:  

Confetti: Just glue a few pieces of confetti to a string, and add some lettering for a party banner.

From Ann-Cary McLain

Vines to climb up the Whimsy House made from dental floss painted green with added punched leaves.

From Joyce Kwok:  A staple used to create a cactus (?!?) Lots of imagination needed for this whimsical creation.

From Jackie Williams:  A bird made from a Q-Tip.

From Jackie Browder:

Piece of Foil: Glue foil to cardstock. Cut 1/4 inch circle with a paper punch. Attach a jump ring (jewelry finding) onto foil circle. Add a drop of dimensional clear glue. Let dry, and you have a wall mirror. 

From Jackie Browder:  

Paperclip: Using the existing curve, trim the paperclip to about 1/2 to 1 inch tall. Bend the curve at a 90 degree angle. Cut two short pieces from salvage and glue as the cross bars. Glue two seed beads as wheels. Bend the top prongs at a 45 degree angle for the handles. Paint the handles red or black. This makes a nice little hand truck for your garage.

From Fern Rouleau:

I used a Q-tip as my item. 


I made a person out of it by cutting the Q-tip in half and gluing paper towel over it.   When dry I cut the paper towel to make clothes and added eyes and mouth to my person.  I glued him to a stand of cardboard.

From Pam Doran:

This is a gnome made of tinfoil (make an elongated egg shape with flat bottom) with the cotton from the q-tip for the beard. Nose is rolled tinfoil. Hat is shaped on a “protector” for knitting needles.

From Denise Goodspeed:  A rug crochet from dental floss

From Denise Goodspeed:

Small tree from confetti

From Denise Goodspeed: 

Tiny glasses from a staple

From Denise Goodspeed:

Shepherds hook from a paper clip

From Denise Goodspeed:

A whimsical plant from a Q-tip

From Denise Goodspeed:

Rug from a piece of adhesive tape

From Denise Goodspeed:

a red bird from a bread tie