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It’s a Whimsical Life–Swaps

The swaps are over and everyone has been posting about their new treasures!  But we thought you would like to see them.  By the way, if you missed out, we have MOST (but not all…stuff happens) available as one of our Free Raffles!   (Click on the pics below for a bigger view!)

(It’s been brought to Janet’s attention that she never added the swap box to the list of raffles!  Too late now, so I’ll do a special drawing amongst all of you who submitted your virtual raffle tickets and one person will win the “almost a full set” of swaps. )

Janeen Evans Brazier
Joyce Kwok
Jill Castoral
Carol Shea
Alicia Ramirez Jimenez
Fay Van Alstine
Kathy Koons
Joanne McLeay
Ann-Cary McLain
Barb Streithorst
Joanne Hong
Donna Vanaselja
Aggie Stiefer
Kimberly Hood
Pauline Pire
Laura Miller
Mary Johnson (WA)
Sherri Lackey
Bea J Fitpatrick
Susan Brideau
Ruth Goodger
Denise Goodspeed
Barb Kenyeres
Jackie Browder
Jackie Williams
Ann Pierce
Michelle Miller
Cindy Botasso
Christiane Starks
Fern Rouleau
Lesia Lennex