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It’s a Whimsical Life–Raffles

Welcome to QC’s FREE Raffles!  Free?  Seriously?  Yes!  But ONLY to QC members.  Please read and follow these instructions exactly for your entry to be accepted.

  1.  You have 10 (TEN) virtual tickets (there are more than 10 items, so you’ll have to pick and choose).  (Virtual means that you didn’t get them from anywhere…you just have them…10 tickets or 10 chances to win.)
  2. Decide how you want to use your 10 virtual tickets/chances.  You might choose to put 5 virtual tickets towards one prize and 5 towards a second prize, or you might choose to put all 10 virtual tickets towards one prize or spread them out for a chance to win 10 different prizes.   Make note of the item NUMBERS.  You will need them in step 3.
  3. Send an email to quarterconnection@gmail.com letting us know which prizes you’d like to take a chance at winning.  Include your name in the email.  Please be specific in your email (e.g.  10 tickets for item #1, or 2 tickets each for items # 2, 4, 5, 6, 9)  IMPORTANT:  YOU MUST SEND THE EMAIL FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU USE FOR YOUR GROUPS.IO ACCOUNT.  We will be confirming memberships for all entries.  No new members will be admitted during this time. 
  4. QC will conduct a random number drawing and winners will be announced during our last social ZOOM session on Sunday and will be posted on the Winners page
  5. All entries are due by 2:00 p.m. Eastern time., Sunday, September 10th.  No late entries accepted. 

Click on the pics below to get a bigger/better view of the prizes.

Item Number 1.  Doll by Adora Bella Minis.   

Item Number 2.  The Brambly Hedge made by Michelle Miller.

Item Number 3.  Woodland Fairy made by Cat Wingler. 

Item Number 4.  Sweetheart Room.

Item Number 5.  $30 Gift Certificate from Taffy and Me Creations.

Item Number 6.  The Aurora.  Paula says:

This house is from the Aurora by Debbie Young (Young and Heart Miniatures).  It’s been adapted to add a finished lower level and front flower boxes.

The house is lighted with LEDS that require two AAA batteries (not included).   The battery pack is external and plugs into the landscaping.   The battery pack is included.

Item Number 7.  Julie Stevens Doll

Item Number 8.  Unopened kit from Seaside Miniatures….their French Book Nook (Picture of Finished Item is from their Website.)

Item Number 9.   Tropical Treasures Store (from a Previous QC Mini Weekend.)  

Item Number 10.  $50 Gift Certificate from Tailgate Minis.

Item Number 11.  Formal Garden in a Display Case

Item Number 12.  ME Inspired Kitchen in a Baseball Case

Item Number 13.   Doll Made by Pam Junk.

Item Number 14.  Inside Outside Scene.

Item Number 15.  $50 Gift Certificate from Blackthorn Studio.

Item Number 16.  Old English Cottage.

Item Number 17.  Flight Attendant Doll by Pat Hamilton.

Item Number 18. Unopened kit from Seaside Miniatures….their Great British Book Nook (Pictures of Finished Item is from their Website.)

Item Number 19.  Petite Properties Pumpkin Cottage Kit.

Item Number 20.  Seaside Bedroom in a Case.