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It’s a Whimsical Life–Auction

QC is having an auction!  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have an opportunity to earn a little money for QC.  What is this money used for?   Our Auction pays for our groups.io site and our Quarter Connection website. It also lets us discount things like this year’s Whimsy House kit from Liz. How can you help? You can bid! 

Before you bid, please review the auction instructions here and don’t bid if you’re not willing to follow these.  

Please don’t pay your invoices as they come in!  The site will combine postage if you win several items (e.g., a few “buy it now” items and a few regular auction items), but it can’t do that if you have already paid your “Buy it Now” invoices.  If that happens, we’ll consider the extra postage to be a donation to QC.  

Click here to join in the fun!  https://www.32auctions.com/2023MiniWeekendEvent

The auction starts at NOON Eastern Time on Friday.  If you click that link before NOON on Friday, you’ll be able to preview the items but you won’t be able to bid or “buy it now” until NOON on Friday!  Got that?  What time does the auction start?  Say it with me!  NOON on Friday!