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Free Project – Winter 2021

Leave the cold and snowy winter weather behind.  Let’s have Fun in the Sun and return to the tropics!

Many of you will remember our virtual cruise in 2013 and being stranded on an island in 2015. 

With this free project, Fun in the Sun, we’re just going to relax on the beach.  You can even make a beach scene in a small cube. 

If you ordered the NAME Day tiki bar kit, you can use it here.   If you didn’t order it, no problem.  There’s lots more to do at the beach.

The instructions and graphics are in the 2021 Winter Free Project Folder on our groups.io site.   Wow, do we have accessories for this project!   We’ve revisited some oldies and added some new items too.    You’ll have plenty to play with this winter, so go for it!