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Free Project in the Round


IN March, April and May of 2022, we held a challenge in the round and offered free project info for that challenge.  The challenge is over (but you can see some of the entries here), but the free project info might still be of interest.    We thought that many of you might go the fairy tale/fantasy route here as these containers do seem to cry out for it.  So we’re here to help!  

There are free graphics and printies for you in the Files area of our groups.io group in the  2022 Challenge and Free Project In the Round folder.

Or have fun looking at these links!   They’re not just fun, they’re helpful too.

This is a really good video on using air dry clay.  This video does not use a Pringles can but it is a very good video with tips and techniques for using clay on a little fairy house.  It shows how to carve the wood door, stonework and shingles all out of paper clay.


Several videos on this link apply to our project.   The pictures are wonderful! There are several methods for creating tree bark.  https://www.sharonojala.com/2013/08/how-to-make-realistic-tree-bark.html

Here is a video using pink foam to create bricks.  This video uses pink construction foam and a Pringles can to create a castle.


How To Make a Fantasy Medieval Tower using Pringles Can