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Challenge in the Round



Most of our projects have right angles.  This challenge is to create a quarter scale project using a cylinder.   Think about a Pringles can (they now come in three sizes), an oatmeal container or a mailing tube as examples.   Your project can be whatever size you like.  You can use more than one container and they can be used vertically or laid on the horizontal (like a log perhaps).


It’s a cliche, but think “out of the box” and in the round!   What about a woodsy home for your little people or critters?   A Gnome Home or Hobbit House?   The Brambley Hedge?  Why not do something art deco?    An Airstream type travel trailer?   A food truck?   Here’s a wild idea – what about a pizza joint called the Leaning Tower of Pizza?  A gypsy caravan wagon?  A Victorian turret?  Are you involved in the Splintered Fairy Tales On-Line Houseparty?    How about a castle or a tower for your purchases or swaps from that event?   

Check out the inspiration photos (below) for ideas.

Unsure how to make stones or bark?   We’ve found a number of links with helpful tips and tutorials.   Find these on the Project in the Round Page.  If you run across more tutorials, please share the links!

If you prefer to use graphics, there are some you might enjoy on the link below. 

The rules are pretty simple.

  1. Use one or more cylinder shaped containers to create a quarter inch scale miniature.
  2. Post a picture or two of your creation in the Challenge in the Round photo album on our groups.io site by June 1.  If you want to keep us apprised of your project, why not post some “in progress” photos on QC (not in the challenge album, but attached to your email or in your own album)?
  3. Be sure that your picture identifies you as the creator.

Prizes?   Of course!

Anticipating questions:

Can I use another shape along with the container?   Obviously, you need a base.   Otherwise, the container should be the main part of your creation.   A house kit with part of a container in the yard as a flower bed?   No.   A square center room of a castle with cylinder towers on the corners?   Yes.    What about a slightly tapered container, like a spackle can or a cottage cheese container?   Yes, they’re round.  These are just examples, but you get the idea.

Graphics:  Hey, it’s not just a challenge, it’s a free project!  Get more info here.   

Photo Album:  Post your pics on the groups.io site in the 2022 Challenge in the Round photo album.

Pics for Inspiration....they're not all miniatures, but you're creative...so make them mini! (Click each picture for a bigger view.)