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Challenge in the Round

A sampling of some of the Challenge in the Round Submissions


Most of our projects have right angles.  We held a challenge in March, April and May of 2022 to create a quarter scale project using a cylinder.   We thought about Pringles cans, an oatmeal container or a mailing tube as examples.   We later expanded the challenge to allow for ovals as well, because we had a workshop offered on QC from Kathy Abdinoor that was a sweet shop in an egg shaped container during the challenge.   These are some of the submissions!  All are “light boxed” so you can click them and see an even bigger view with more details.  

This was the project from one our team members (Michelle) that inspired us all!  This was made using a candlestick holder and a Pringles can.  Quite amazing!  

These are some of the submissions from our members...click them for a bigger view!