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February Auction

Our next auction is scheduled for February 26-28, 2021.
Click here to preview the auction items (before the auction!) and bid (during the auction!) 


A BIG thank you to our mini donors:  Cat Wingler, Paula Isaacs, Patricia Hamilton, Michelle Miller, Carole Creedon, Susie Newell, Karen Deveney, Linda Grove

 The auction will run from Friday, February 26, 2021 12pm Eastern Standard Time, until Sunday, February 28, 2021 10pm, EST.

Check the site above to preview the items. You will not be able to bid until the auction starts!

Proceeds from our auctions go to pay for our website, provide seed money for our events and allow us to offset some of the costs of our events for our members.

If you have an account on our auction site already, you needn’t do anything. You can preview the items now and then you’ll be ready to bid/buy when the sale starts. If you haven’t used our auction site before, you’ll need to go to the new auction site and create an account there.

For complete instructions and rules in .pdf format, click here.

Our auctions are a wonderful way to recycle our quarter scale miniatures and assure that things we no longer need/want go to a good miniature home where they will be appreciated! They also help pay for some of expenses QC incurs (e.g. the website fees.) The proceeds from our auctions also allow to us to offer other programs at a reduced cost to our members and help pay for some of our prizes!! We appreciate your support!

Interested in donating to a QC auction? We gratefully accept quarter scale finished items, quarter scale kits with all parts and instructions, and supplies suitable for the quarter scale miniaturist. Please contact our auction chair, Denise Osborn, for more information.

NOTE: Donations will be used as the QC team sees fit; you cannot specify how you want your donation used. Also, donations are final and will not be returned.