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By Popular Demand:  Jigsaw Puzzles!  These puzzles feature photos posted by Quarter Connection members on our Yahoo group.  For more great miniature photos, join us at:

Do you like jigsaw puzzles?  We've taken some of our favorite mini photos from our Yahoo group and turned them into jigsaw puzzles.  There is a top level directory and then a few other directories, so don't miss anything!

NEW:  April 2017 OMBs

Christmas Puzzles

June 2016 OMBs

Alice In Wonderland (Mary Johnson's Work)

January 2016 OMBs

March 2016 OMBs

May 2016 OMBs

April 2016 OMBs

February 2016 OMBs

Other QC Puzzles

Many mini thanks to JoAnn Jacot for keeping us stocked in puzzles!  If your minis aren't here, and you wish they were,
contact us
and give us the album name on the Yahoo group or other link and we'll try to add some next time around!