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Quarter Connection

QC Members donate items that other members can bid on. Proceeds go to support QC Activities.  
Challenges are contests offered periodically on QC to encourage members to finish projects or make miniature items or scenes.  There are often drawings and prizes.

Online communication like email, but instant and continuous.  Members enter a password protected chat room and type to visit with other QC members.
Free Projects

At least a couple time a year there are free projects offered on our website or through the Yahoo group.  The projects usually consist of items that most miniaturists have in supply.
Finish a Started Project.  This is one of the more popular QC challenges where members choose one of their unfinished items and finish it during the length of the challenge, posting before and after pictures on the Yahoo group.
Mini Mart
Typically offered in December, our Mini Mart is an online shopping mall featuring end of year specials and discounts from our QC members and/or vendors. 
One a Month Bunch.  A popular QC challenge that runs a full calendar year with members trying to complete at least one project each month.  For more information, click here.
Online Convention

Much like the real-life N.A.M.E. conventions, but it takes place on the internet.  They may include online sales tables, workshops, projects, roundtable kits, etc. 

Small kits for sale with limits placed on price and length of time required to complete the kits. 
Small Scales

All scales smaller than 1 inch scale (1:12 scale). There can be other ones too, but here is a list of the most standard ones:
1:24 - half inch scale 1/2 inch equals a foot (12 inches)
1:48 - quarter inch scale 1/4 inch equals a foot (12 inches)
1:96 - eighth inch scale 1/8th inch equals a foot (12 inches)
1:144 1/12th of an inch equals a foot (12 inches) Also referred to as micro scale

A trade of miniature items.  Swap participants send a specific number of IDENTICAL items to the swap coordinator.  The coordinator then redistributes them so that all participants get that same number of DIFFERENT items back from the other participants. 
Trash to Treasure.  Another popular challenge where participants take trash and make miniature items (or treasures) out of it!

UnFinished Object - Often a kit, but could also be any miniature that was started, but never completed.

Workshops are a teacher led class where you learn how to make or do something in miniature. Quarter Connection has online workshops. You get a kit or supplies with instructions in the mail. The teacher may schedule the date and time that they will be available in the chat room for a “live” class session.