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12 Days of Minis

The 12 Days of Minis is a challenge to bring in the New Year and say good bye to 2021. 

Let’s see if we can complete one small item such as a piece of furniture, a fabulous accessory, fill a hutch top, wallpaper a room – whatever activity will help you move forward on a project, each day for 12 days.   The days will be the last 6 days in 2021 and the first 6 days of 2022.    Day 1 is Dec 26th. 

You can post 1 photo for each item, or wait and post a photo with several items in it, or even post a photo with all 12 daily projects in the 12 Days of Minis photo album on the groups.io site.  Please include your name as part of the photo description.  All photos need to be in the folder by Jan 10th.

(Of course, the photo albums for posting are on the QC groups.io group….not here!)

Prizes?   Of course!

Thanks to Linda Napier for this fun idea!