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I recently attended a retreat at Luci Hanson's house where we worked on a lodge that I opted to make into a bed and breakfast.  What does a B&B need?  A breakfast, of course!  This breakfast buffet includes scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, pancakes, pastries, bagels, donuts and a fruit salad.  Includes materials for single servings as well, so you can fill up the tables in your Breakfast area.  This could work for a B&B or hotel or restaurant or just to make breakfast for a big family gathering at home.

The no-bake kit includes everything shown, including chafing dish kits, pastry displays, dishes and the tea set from Young at Heart, etc.  All materials for the foods are included, including paints.  You'll need your own paints for the dishes and furnishings themselves. 

This is being offered this month as a QC workshop only and will not be available in the future.
Skill Level: All levels

Tools and Supplies:  Paints for dishes.  A grater (yep, like a cheese grater) that you're willing to use for clay.  Standard tool kit with brushes, pins, toothpicks, etc. 

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Total Kits Available:  20

Kit Cost:  $35.00

Shipping (US): $4.00   
Shipping (Canada):  $10.00
Shipping (Rest of World): $14.00

Payment Types Accepted: PayPal or Checks/MO preferred, though you can pay through Etsy with a credit card.

Shipping Date:  These kits will ship on or before February 28th.

Breakfast Buffet

Offered by

Janet Smith


Desert Minis, Inc.

Available from Jan 10 to Jan 20