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QC NAME Day 2017--Q&A

Q:  Do I have to be a NAME member to participate?
A:  Yes and No.  You do have to be a NAME member to sign up and purchase the kit.  But you're welcome to join us for the chats and games and auction whether or not you're a NAME member.  You can even participate in the swaps!

Q:  Do I have to be a QC member to participate?
A:  Yes, you do.  Since some of our costs are offset through QC fundraising and since we provide discounts on our kits, this is just for QC members.

Q:  Can I buy more than one kit?
A:  No.  Just one per person, please.  Again, because QC offsets some of the costs, we need to limit to just one kit per person.  If you do want another armoire kit, though, you can buy from one of the NAME day cutters directly. 

Q:  How do I tell you which graphic I want? 
A:  You'll get all three sets of graphics in the kit from QC.

Q:  What is NAME? 
A:  NAME is the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.  You can get more info

Q:  Hey, why no structure this year? 
A:  The previous and next NAME Day projects are coordinating furniture pieces.  We don't know what they are or how big they'll be.  So we didn't want to do a room now that won't work for all of the pieces.  Look for a roombox in 2018 to pull all the pieces together! 

Q:  When will NAME Day Kits ship?
A:  Look for them towards the end of September or early plenty of time for the QC NAME Day event on October 14. 

Q:  I didn't get a bed kit last year, but now I want one!
A:  You can have one.  It's $10 for the bed kit, with no graphics or other special items from last year's event...just the bed kit.  Check the box on the registration form.