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QC NAME Day 2018


Our NAME Day weekend is October 20th-21st.

What will we do?  We'll have lots of chats, with prizes, of course.  And we'll have our annual NAME Day auction.  And there are swaps (
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).  Watch for more info here as it becomes available!  And, of course, there's the project! 
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The project:
This year's addition to the set of three pieces (2016-2018) is a desk and chair.  As promised, QC is also offering a roombox to pull all three years' offerings together.  And, yes, you can get the previous kits (the bunk beds and the armoire) as well, but without all the QC extras (like the graphics and accessories.)

Prices (shipping and NAME Day pin included):
Desk Kit with QC Extras:  $18.00
Desk Kit with QC extras and Roombox Together:  $40.00
Armoire Kit from 2017:  $15.00
Bunkbed Kit from 2016:  $10.00

Registration is now closed for this event.