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QC NAME Day 2017

Our NAME Day weekend is October 14th and 15th.

Registration will be open from June 11th through June 30th.

(You do have to be a NAME member to get the armoire kit.)

Registration is closed for this event.  Payments due July 31st!

How much does this cost?  $20 total, shipping included (to anywhere in the world).  Includes armoire kit, plus some other kits from your QC team and the event pin.  Click
for answers to other questions.

What will be we doing during the weekend?

Social Chats (with prizes)
An Auction
Workshop Chats (to ask questions about the NAME Day Kits)
Swaps, for those who want to participate (
Click here for instructions!


All proceeds from the NAME Day weekend will go to NAME.


What is this year's projects?  This is the second of a three year set of furniture.  Last year was the bunkbeds.  This year is the armoire.  The pics below show QC versions of these...but there's more included that's just not shown yet!