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2020 Mini Weekend Souvenir

We're doing things a little differently for
Shootout at the QC Corral

The souvenir isn't a secret!  Why?  It's a little more expensive (but worth it!) than some of previous souvenirs.  We also wanted to give our vendors a sneak
so that the workshops, RTs and sales table specials will all work together for this old west adventure!

What better souvenir than a saloon?  
Not just any saloon …


Your QC Saloon kit is a totally enclosed structure with the front lifting away for viewing.
The saloon area is on the lower level and there are three rooms upstairs for you to decorate as you please.   The kit includes all trims and wallpapers as shown, a number of decorative graphics and the supplies to create the lower light fixtures.   It also includes four LED lights and the battery pack.   Shipping costs are included in the cost of the kit. 
Not included are the base and two AAA batteries.

Registration is now closed for this event.   But you can join in the fun.  Check the list on the
Mini Weekend Info
page to see what activities are available to ALL QC members.

Click on the pictures for a bigger view
Enquiring Minds have wanted to know:  how big is this saloon?

The width of the saloon, including the porch overhang above the steps is 10 ¼”
The depth of the saloon, including the front porch, is 5 ¼”
The height, including the peak on the front roof, is just a bit under 7”

HOWEVER!   You’ll want more depth to allow space for the AAA battery pack in back of the saloon (at least 1 ¾” for a “surprise reason”) and likely more depth in front for hitching posts, water troughs, horses, etc.    The base for the sample is 9” deep and 11 ¼” wide, leaving lots of space on the sides, back and front.

Front View
Inside of Front Panel
Structure with Front Panel Removed for Viewing