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Quarantine at the QC Corral
The mini weekend (Shootout at the QC Corral) doesn't start until June 18th but the QC Team thought that, since so many of us are quarantined at home, we'd let you get a head start on some of our free projects! 

Not registered for the QC Mini Weekend?  No worries!  You can enjoy the projects too and maybe they'll inspire you to create a QC Saloon of your own! 

Posted April 11, 2020:  Outhouse and Storage Shed.  This goes in the back of your QC Saloon and will hide the batteries and switch that you need to light up your saloon!  
Click here for the directions.
May 1
, 2020: 
Cowboy Boots
Your cowboys need boots to protect their feet. 
Click here for the directions.