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2015 Mini Weekend Q&A

This year's

mini weekend

theme is: 


Back To The 50s


QC IS having a mini weekend in 2017!   Save the Date:  November 9-12!

Read on for answers to some of the questions asked about this event! 
When are payments due?  June 30th.

Can we see the souvenir?  Of course not!  We never show the souvenir before the event, but you know we always come up with something wonderful!   This year, we're doing something wonderful and DIFFERENT! 

Will the souvenir be a kit?  Yep.  We can give you SO MUCH MORE for your money and people seem to LOVE our kits!

What kinds of activities will there be?  We'll have a sales room, roundtables, workshops, auctions, raffles, swaps, chats, door prizes, etc., etc., etc.  All the activities you expect in a convention!

Can you give us some ideas for swaps?  Anything '50s.  While the souvenir will be one thing, there will be workshops that will be other things, and many people already have or are doing '50s anything goes!  Of course we think of poodle skirts and jeans and t-shirts and juke boxes and 45 rpm records and black and white TVs. Google "1950's fads" or "1950's things" and see what ideas you'll get!

How many swaps?  We're going with 25 to swap plus 2 to donate.  So send 27 and get 25 back.   See the complete set of swap rules here.

How do I sign up for the swaps?  You don't.  If you want to participate, just make sure your swaps are in Denise's hands before the deadline. 

Can we send in two sets of swaps?  Simple answer here...NO!  Just one set per person. 

How do I sign up for an exchange table?  We're not having tables this year.  We needed to pare back on some of the activities and some of the work, so this was one activity that we've chosen to skip, but don't worry...there will be others! 

Do swaps have to be handmade?  Can we purchase them?  You're welcome to purchase them if you prefer.  It's up to you!  Just make sure the value matches the rules and that the swaps are quarter scale.

Do we pay extra for shipping our swaps?  No.  This cost is covered through your registration fee as well as through some of the fundraising activities that QC does during the convention, including selling all those extra swap items that you're asked to donate (you send 27 and get 25 back.)