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Living in the 1950's





By Paula Isaacs and Kristie Dubord

Did you enjoy the QC Mini Weekend?   Wasn’t it fun going “Back to the 50s”?   Well, we’re not finished yet!
The December Free Project is a 50s style recreation or living room.   Since it’s December, we added a 1950s-ish Christmas tree too!   We hope this room is a fun way for you to use your swaps, RTs and original ideas.
The room is easy to assemble – the challenge is to participate in the Winter Challenge!   Finish your room and share your pics by the end of the challenge – February 28, 2018.  There will be a
photo album for the Challenge.  There’s more information – just click on Challenges on the menu bar!
Even if you don’t participate in the challenge, we hope you enjoy making your room and share your pictures when the room is complete!

Click photo
a closer look!
Supplies List

Glue jig or square
Basic tools
Wallpaper paste and tacky glue
Mat Board 
Scrap wood
Corrugated paper
Small piece of felt – color doesn’t matter
Printer/Ink – paper and cardstock for printing
Minimal landscaping supplies – grass and shrubs or snow or whatever you choose
Project base – can be mat board, foam core, or a purchased base
Edger pens (such as Zig Writers which don’t bleed), crayons or Sharpies (which can bleed)
Optional: Grandtline or other commercial windows -  twigs - Christmas tree